Church History

The Living Christ Disciples Assembly Int’l (LCDAI) traces its origin to the efforts of a handful of young Christians who were Christian Workers in a Local Assembly. Their earnest desire was to please God by preaching and practicing the doctrines of entire Sanctification from sin, separation from the world, and its pleasures. The LCDAI, which was at first known as the Christ Disciples Faith, came to being on Sunday, the 17th day of October 1982, and her first gathering was held on this same day at No. 4, Alhaji Asiriabo Street, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria with a population of about 130 souls in attendance.

The first branch was established in 1984 at Coker Village via Ifo, Ogun State of Nigeria, while the second branch was established at Olomi, Ibadan Oyo State, in Nigeria in 1985 through the effort of a couple who had been attending the Church’s camp meetings and conferences.

In May 1985, a handful of Ghanaian converts led by Brother Ebenezer Dadeboe returned to their country. With strong determination to establish a branch of the LCDAI in their homeland, they set out for Ghana, and on reaching there, they decided to settle down at Teshie in Accra, where a branch was established. Early that year (i.e., 1986), another branch was established at Modakeke, then Oyo State but now under Osun State, Nigeria, as a result of the Macedonian call from those who had attended the Church’s camp meeting. Thus, the Church continues to spread the Gospel, thereby creating more avenues for establishing branches.

The Church started with Pastor S. A. Idowu as the pioneer General Superintendent with some workers, among whom was Sister M. Abeo of worthy mention for her deep commitment and contributions towards the early growth of the Church.

Although Mama Abeo was fondly called by the brethren then was illiterate, she never allowed any of such obstacles to hinder her commitment to God. She was able to memorize lots of Bible verses and hymns, which became her effective tools in winning and establishing the feet of converts in Christ. Many of the early Pastors and workers and many educated converts traced their salvation experience to her efforts. She was very loyal to the Church and the work of the Kingdom and remained a strong / staunch member of the Church until her death in her old age. She slept peacefully in Christ at an old age of… In the year 199?

Each of the pioneer workers has also played a role and done his/her best to help the Church grow.